I’ve done some mini-vlogs, but it’s been quite a while since doing a big check in like this, whoa… Anyhoo, this one is about continuing to do open mics after my Christmas break, doing some bigger shows, reading a great book called “Uncertainty” by Jonathan Fields, my 100-open-mic guitar string earrings, my upcoming unofficial SXSW showcase, looking back at how far I have come and starting to think about what happens after this Rubicon Year is over and getting ready to record my EP!

People & places I mention in the video:

In which I talk about “re-entry” after Rocky Mountain Song School, comparing and contrasting my experience with years previous, highlight take-aways of the week and fulfilling a dream of performing with others on the Wildflower Pavilion open stage!

People and places I mention in the video:

oopsy, has it really been two months since I posted my last big video blog?!  I must have been busy!  :-)

Well better late than never, so here it is, in which I talk about getting my Berklee Music Master Songwriting Certificate, performing at over 35 open mics in two months and the benefits of that experience, getting stronger in all sorts of ways, performing with the band, finishing the first season of my Rubicon Year, being excited for Rocky Mountain Song School & Folks Fest, upcoming challenges including making money and starting martial arts - Krav Magaw. wow.

Links to things I mention in the video:

PS - At the time of this posting, I am just 15 people away from having 100 “Likes” on my Facebook music page!  I’ve promised to post a video of me playing electric guitar with the band when I get to 100, so if you haven’t yet, won’t you please go click the thumbs up button at http://www.facebook.com/heathermillermusic ?

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My Rubicon Year Vlog # 3, in which I talk about my trip to Ashland for a mini reunion, creating intentional living space, unpacking my suitcases, housesitting, Jasons Bourne & Webley, learning about gracefulness and graciousness as a performer, the open mic challenge, butterflies, meeting new people, making friends and more group fun times rocking out!

People and things I mention in the video:

So that’s all great but so much has been happening in the past few days that by the time I got this video up it seems like old news to me! Perhaps it’s time for a quick list a la Denise!

1) I did 3 open mics in 3 days - Whip In, Irie Bean, and Flipnotics

2) Total strangers clapped and said nice things about my songs! And told me to come back!

3) I’m doing pretty darn good navigating the busses!

4) I got new sheets! They are turquoise! And t-shirt comfy!

5) I got a local bank account, but it is also with a big bank so it should be good for having when traveling and such. (touring even?! :-O one day…)

6) Kina Grannis used to work at the place where I’m planning to go for open mic today!

7) I’ve been doing the same 3 or 4 songs at all the open mics so far, but if I’m going to go back (which on the one crazy hand, I don’t have to for at least another week because there are SO many options, but on the other hand, if I’m making some good connections, which I think I am, it would be nice to continue to nurture them by going back) I’m going to need to dust off and brush up some more songs, and keep writing new ones.  yikes!

8) SpinTunes 3 has officially started, which means I need to write a happy song about death, and record it by June 19th. At the latest.  I’m pretty sure the songs are played in the order they are received, and with nearly 60 competitors in the first round, there could be an advantage to showing up early on the list, before they get tired out, or it could be a disadvantage by being forgotten after so many other songs.  I dunno! But I DO know I don’t want to last-minute it, cuz that’s way too stressful for everyone involved… 

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