I’ve done some mini-vlogs, but it’s been quite a while since doing a big check in like this, whoa… Anyhoo, this one is about continuing to do open mics after my Christmas break, doing some bigger shows, reading a great book called “Uncertainty” by Jonathan Fields, my 100-open-mic guitar string earrings, my upcoming unofficial SXSW showcase, looking back at how far I have come and starting to think about what happens after this Rubicon Year is over and getting ready to record my EP!

People & places I mention in the video:

New Loves

Do you want to know one of my very favorite things? Going to hear music I love and discovering new music to love in the same show!

I hear moms say about their children that their heart just expands and expands to hold each new baby that comes along, I think it works that way for me with music. So yeah, thanks Sarah Sample for introducing me to Edie Carey and Andy Gullahorn¬†at Momo’s tonight, wow wow wow!

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