Last Big Show in Austin! Friday 5/18! With the Band!

Top: The Doras - Connie, Mariana, Heather
Bottom: Emily Shirley, Katie Lessley

120 - Backroads and Whip In

Wednesday was an awesome day.  Gilberto came to visit me!  I took the bus to meet him at the airport, and when we walked out of baggage claim, the bus was right there again, so we just took the bus home.  He came with me to Rubicon where we had a nice catching up with Dan and realized that it had been pretty close to exactly a year since the first time we came down to visit and check out the studio!

We went straight from Rubicon to Backroads.  Kind of.  The bus was late.  Which meant we missed our second bus and had to wait for it to come by again.  There was a girl at the bus stop with a black smudge on her forehead.  I was debating telling her that it was there, but the placement seemed intentional so I kept quiet.

It turned out that Ana B was on the bus that we finally got, so G got to meet her and we got to chat a bit on the way up to Backroads.  A bunch of people got on at the stop by a church, and they all had black smudges on their forehead and it finally clicked in that it was Ash Wednesday!  So glad I didn’t say anything to the girl. :-)

It was fun to introduce G to the open mic peeps at Backroads.  Fun to sing him the new song I wrote for him live.  We both got the 5 minute massages from Ariel.  Raul convinced Ana to sing a few songs and her friend Mandy showed up and borrowed my guitar to play for their set.  

Right after they played, we walked down the block to Whip In where Emily, Jana, Katie and Elizabeth were playing.

Harmonies and guitar and piano and cajon, hooray!  It was a great show.  Unfortunately the kitchen had just closed, but luckily we found some tabouli, dolmathes and falafels in the mini-grocery section, so we still were able to have a yummy snack, just not the country we were expecting the food to be from. ;-)

Another fun thing about the show was Emily was wearing the guitar string necklace I made her and it looked cool!  Always neat to see what my jewelry creations look like “in real life”.

It was great to be able to show G so much of what my life here in Austin has been like, from riding the bus, walking to Rubicon, talking with Dan, open mics and shows.  Kind of amazing that it all happened to be on the same day!

Songs: Anchor, I Know, Keep Telling Me, Wings

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