134 - OPA!

Jannie Funster & the beer she bought me (thanks Jannie!!).  We both have blue TUNEers. HAAAAA!  

When Jannie asked me if I was going out to any open mics this week I told her that Tuesday would be the night, because I thought I should probably stay in and rest on Wednesday before I started my recording on Thursday! (squeeee!).  So we decided to go to OPA.  It was a pretty quiet evening, I think everyone was still in SXSW hangover mode - if not chemically induced then most definitely energetically-wise!  So it kinda ended up being a “Post SWSW showcase” because we all ended up getting to do 6 songs total (if we so wished).

Hadn’t seen Jannie in a long time, so it was good to see her again, and for us to hear each other’s new stuff.  And I got to play through almost all my EP songs. (I could have done them all, but I did want Jannie to hear both the new ones.)

Round 1: Keep Telling Me, All or Nothing, I Know, Shoreline of Alaska
Round 2: Rain Song, Jonah’s Whale 

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