132 - Fair Bean

Photo by Amy Zamarripa

It was a pretty mellow and sweet night at Fair Bean, so we got to play two rounds.  It was also a good thing because Amy had a gig at Flipnotics later that night, so I think she was able to take it easier before that show!

I headed straight to Flips after Fair Bean and caught Rod Picott doing a set. I hadn’t heard of him, but I HAD heard one of his songs that he co-wrote with Slaid Cleaves - Broke Down.  Someone, maybe more than one someone in “my” folk circles covers that song and it’s been driving me a bit nuts trying to remember who that is!  Great song in any case!  

After Rod was Kaiser Sose, then Amy, then Amanda Hickey & the Bruises.  The crowd was small, so I think the photographer there wasn’t shy about taking all sorts of pictures at neat angles of Amanda’s set that came out really cool, I bet she’ll end up using them for promo material.

Round 1: All or Nothing, Rain Song, Shoreline of Alaska
Round 2: I Know, Tea for Two (cover)

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