Open Mic Power!

I just had to share this photo that Dennis James captured on his Instagram feed from my open mic feature set at Cafe Paradiso last night.  I can’t even quite remember the moment.  I may have just been feeling triumphant for getting through a new song, but it ends up channelling a little bit of that Righteous Babe logo energy, which is not a bad thing for an indie artist who is very inspired by the music and career of Ani!  

Thanks Dennis!  Go check out his music, he has a solo project called The Nameless Sorrows and is in the band Truckstop Souvenir.

Heather Miller Music turned 4!
OK, it was yesterday I got this notice, but I couldn’t get it to post from my phone, so posting it today! How fun watch this site grow!  Thanks for reading, whether this is your first time or you’ve been with me since the beginning!

Heather Miller Music turned 4!

OK, it was yesterday I got this notice, but I couldn’t get it to post from my phone, so posting it today! How fun watch this site grow!  Thanks for reading, whether this is your first time or you’ve been with me since the beginning!

Playing at The Market on Main Farmer’s Market! 7/12!


Fun story - Last month, one of my friends who runs a coffee shop called Jitters in the Market on Main collective space in Ottumwa told me about an open mic they were starting up there.  I had been waffling on whether to go up and get my nails done before a friend’s wedding or save the cash and do it myself.  But with two reasons to make the trip, I hopped in the car.  Everything went swimmingly! I got a chair right away at the salon even though I was a walk in.  I made it to the Market in plenty of time for the open mic.

I got a little bit worried when I saw that the only amplification was a mic attached to a podium.  That set up is great for poetry & short stories, not so much for guitar and voice.  Knowing I was going to have to be completely off mic, I worried that I wouldn’t carry in the big room.  But oh, when I got up there, the acoustics were FUN!  Guitar and voice seemed to balance really well, at least from my side, and left to myself, I probably could have sang in there for hours!

Anyhow, I did three songs, and after I got off stage, some folks asked where they could get my CD. I always carry a few in my purse and my Square card reader just in case, and in this case, I sold 3. Which paid for my manicure! I got to feel polished and put together, sing songs and share music and creative efforts with new people (I heard some great other performers!) and not feel pinched about money! Hooray!! So good!

Tomorrow (Sat, July 12th) I’m going back to the Market to play for their outdoor Farmer’s Market from 9 to 11am.  If you’re in the area, come on by, there are so many cool booths indoors all week long, so there’s plenty to shop for and eat!

Check out the website for more info:

Even if you can’t make it while I’m there, definitely stop by sometime, it’s an inspiring space!

Suddenly Spring! (or is it Summer Already?!)

Oh hello there! While it was a pretty long and quiet winter for me, when spring finally exploded this year, so did the shows all around town! In May I played at Earth & Water Tea during the Fairfield First Friday’s Art Walk, as the featured performer at the Red Rock Tavern Open Mic one late Wednesday night, at the Fairfield Farmer’s Market on a sunny Saturday morning, and as part of the line-up for a benefit concert for a friend.

Playing at Earth & Water Tea Shop for the May Art Walk. Can you spy the anchors? :-)

Plus I got to soak in a heaping helping of great music (along with a bunch of water, it was so rainy!) at the historic Kerrville Folk Festival over Memorial Day weekend. It was my first time back to Texas since 2012, and I love that Kerrville was the last thing I did back then, and the first thing I did going back. I hope it won’t be two years between visits next time!

Just after crossing the Texas state line, in my drive-all-day clothes! 

I’m looking forward to the summer. Already on the books is an in-the-round show I just did yesterday, (June 5th), a web concert scheduled for June 19th with Concert Window (that means ALL of you could tune in online from wherever you are! Buy a ticket now for just $1!), my yearly pilgrimage to the Rocky Mountain Song School & Folks Fest in Colorado in August, and a show at Cedar Valley Winery at the start of September. Plus plenty of time to add more shows to the calendar!

What about you? Any fun plans for music making or listening this summer? Anything else new or exciting going on in your world? And is there anything I can do for you? Play a house show, make you a personalized vision board work of art, write you a custom song? So many things are possible, write me back to chat if you want to hear more about any of those offerings, or have any ideas! 

P.S. Don’t forget, no matter where you live, if you have the internet (how could you be reading this without the internet?!) you can tune in to my web concert on Thursday, June 19th at 9pm CDT! Buy your ticket now, it’s only $1!

Moving Up In The World!

Or is it down? Earth & Water Tea often advertises their specials in chalk on the sidewalk outside the front door. When I arrived to set up for my set during the Art Walk, I was tickled pink to see my name, not quite in lights, but in pink chalk!

I had to go back the next day & capture it when the sun was out, so it’s a little faded, but still exciting! :)

Also, my poster on the door!

It was a sweet show.  Since it was Art Walk, (which implies that people are going to be walking around, right there in the name!) I wasn’t really expecting folks to stick around too long, but there were always people listening, and sometimes for a good amount of time as well.  

Since it was a small space, I didn’t figure I needed a whole PA system, but I improvised with plugging my mic right into a big speaker to help boost my vocals over the guitar.  Especially since I was going to be signing for about two hours, I didn’t want to get tired out. I think it went ok, but the whole experience really strengthened my motivation and desire to get my own little PA system for shows like this.  I don’t need to be loud, but just helps the sound balance out, and I’ve noticed I’m often received better when I’m plugged in. :)  Soon, soon, I’ll figure out this PA thing!

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